Bungalow’s “Love Where You Live Trial” and “Transfer Option”

“Love Where You Live Trial” and “Transfer Option” Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) (Last Modified: September, 2022)

Bungalow Living (“Bungalow”) wants you to be happy with your new Bungalow residence and roommates before making a long-term commitment. To that end, Bungalow’s “Love Where You Live Trial” (“LWYL”) gives you the option to transfer into a different Bungalow property. To exercise LWYL, you must do all of the following within 30 days of your Lease Start Date:

  1. Send an email to Bungalow at lovewhereyoulive@bungalow.com explaining that you would like to exercise LWYL. In your email, be sure to identify the New House where you would like to transfer.

  2. Be in good standing on all Bungalow accounts and not delinquent.

  3. If applicable, complete the Bungalow “Meet & Greet” or “Resident Matching” process and receive approval from the residents of the New House.

  4. Enter into a new lease for the New House at the then-current market rate and pay the required security deposit for the New House.

  5. Move out of your current House and Resident Exclusive Space within 30 days of your Lease Start Date and move into the New House.

If you are unable to complete the above steps within 30 days of your Lease Start Date, you still have the option to transfer to another Bungalow property using the Transfer Option. To exercise the Transfer Option, you must complete all of the above steps and pay a $500 Transfer Fee.

LWYL and the Transfer Option are only available to residents in individual room rentals in shared “Rooms” residences only, and are not offered for our “Homes” rental product. If LWYL or the Transfer Option are not mentioned, referenced, or otherwise included in your Lease, you are not eligible.

These Terms are provided for informational purposes only. In order to be eligible for LWYL or the Transfer Option you must satisfy all of the conditions set forth in your Lease. If these Terms differ in any way from any provision in your Lease, the terms of your Lease will control and not these Terms. Capitalized words or phrases used in these Terms, such as “Lease,” “Lease Start Date,” “Resident Exclusive Space,” and any other capitalized words or phrases that are not defined herein shall have the same meaning as defined in your Lease. You must be in good standing and not delinquent on any Bungalow account balances in order to be eligible for either LWYL or the Transfer Option.