Bungalow Reviews Policy

In order to build a platform of trust, we need to ensure that reviews on Bungalow are useful, informative, and do not expose our residents or homeowners to harm. Therefore, Bungalow expects that all reviews adhere to our content policy. By posting content on Bungalow, you agree to abide by this policy. We reserve the right to remove any content, in whole or part, that violates this policy, our Terms of Service, our Community Commitment, our Review Policy, or for any other reason at our sole discretion.

The following content is never allowed on Bungalow:

  • Spam, unwanted contact, or content that is shared repeatedly in a disruptive manner.

  • Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity or violence, or is profane, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or discriminatory.

  • Content that includes another person’s private or confidential information, including content that is sufficient to identify a listing’s location.

  • Content directing customers to visit additional websites or forms to fill out duplicative information.

  • Reviews that do not represent residents’ actual, personal experience.

  • Content that discloses confidential information related to a Bungalow home safety investigation.

  • Content that provides fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive information.


Who can leave a review?

Only those who are or have been a Bungalow resident or homeowner can leave a review.

How is the ratings score calculated?

The ratings score displayed is simply an average of every site rating (1-5) that a Bungalow resident or homeowner has given.

How are reviews moderated?

All reviews are moderated to ensure they align with our content and review policy. Only reviews that meet these policies will be published.