Bungalow's Meet & Greet Roommate Chat Policy

At Bungalow, we prioritize safety, fairness, and respect for both current residents and potential roommates. Our Meet & Greet Roommate Chat Policy reflects these values. 

We expect all current residents and potential roommates to be responsive and respectful while interacting with each other to create a pleasant experience for everyone.

By becoming a part of our community, residents agree to follow these guidelines. Failure to comply may result in losing the ability to participate in the Meet & Greet experience. 


  • Respond within the first 18 hours*

  • Answer potential roommates' questions where possible

  • Make a decision within < 48 hours

  • Demonstrate integrity and politeness

  • No profanity (even in emoji form)

  • Be inclusive of all backgrounds and personalities

*If a potential roommate does not receive a response from the household within the first 18 hours of the Meet & Greet chat starting, they will automatically be invited to join the home.


Make sure you have notifications turned on, check to make sure Bungalow emails aren’t going into Spam, and move the Bungalow app to your phone’s home screen.

💬 Keep it responsive

No one likes hanging by a digital thread, especially when trying to find a place to live. We expect homes to respond to prospective roommates and keep the conversation going.

👍 Keep it respectful

Have an open mind and give everyone the opportunity to get to know your home. Make a decision with your roommates in a timely manner so the potential roommate can either move in or move on. 

Be curious about everyone, be empathetic (you've been there too!), and consider asking any of these 13 essential questions.


The Meet & Greet experience is designed to assist current residents and potential roommates in determining if they have compatible living preferences. Access to the chat feature is a privilege, and failure to follow this policy may lead to the loss of access.

❗ Warnings

If a household has a blended unresponsive and rejection rate of 80% or more, this typically indicates that the household is not giving potential roommates a fair chance or is intentionally denying others to keep bedrooms vacant. Additionally, if a household violates our Community Guidelines, it will be flagged. A warning will be issued to all household residents via email, indicating that the household is at risk of losing its Meet & Greet privileges.

✅ Retaining Privileges

To retain privileges after receiving a warning, a household must invite potential roommates to join the home and respond in chats to improve their rating. We encourage households to actively communicate with potential roommates to help one another find the best fit for each other's living situation.

⛔ Suspension of Access

If a household fails to respond and/or rejects at the same rate after receiving a warning, their access will be temporarily suspended for 60 days. Additionally, if a household continuously violates our Community Guidelines, it will lose access. The household will be notified via email and can regain their privileges by submitting a support ticket through the mobile app after the suspension period is over.

Thank you for your cooperation in following these policies to guarantee a positive Meet & Greet experience for everyone in the Bungalow community!

For any questions about this policy, please contact our team.