8 Fun things to do at home

With a little bit of creativity, home can become a great place to entertain friends or have a mellow night in. From hosting game night to doing home improvement projects, here are eight activities you can do with roommates, friends, or solo.

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1. Host a game night2. Create a gallery wall 3. Virtual book club 4. Learn a new language 5. Deep clean6. DIY spa session 7. Movie night 8. Wild card

1. Host a game night

If you have a few board games on hand, consider hosting a game night. This could be a night of trivia with your roommates or invite friends and family members to attend. If you don’t have any board games, ask your guests to rotate bringing a game. Or, play a game of charades—all you need is paper and pen to get started.

Hanging a gallery wall is a fun activity to add visual interest to a room. It’s easiest when you take the time to do some visual planning. Rather than following technical measurements, creating a gallery wall is more about eyeballing and mixing a variety of frame sizes and styles and artwork colors and styles. Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Map out your gallery wall by cutting newspaper to the size of each frame and taping up on the wall using painter tape. Painter tape is easily adjustable so that you can rearrange your newspaper templates until you get a look that you like. 

  • Make pencil marks to note the top and side of each frame and label your artwork and templates with a letter or number so that you easily know what goes where when it’s time to hang.

If you can't put any holes in the walls per your lease, there are plenty of other ways to display art and photos. You can lean frames against the wall, try adhesive hooks for lightweight frames, or hang frames from a picture rail if you live in an older home with this feature.

3. Virtual book club

Joining a virtual book club is a great way to meet friends without having to leave your apartment. It can also help you discover authors and titles you maybe wouldn't have gravitated to on your own. Plus, you get to talk about the book with other book lovers and hear other takes on the story. Here are a few ways to get started: 

  • Check with your local library or community center for book clubs looking for new members

  • Visit the flyer bulletin board at an independent bookstore 

  • Read through online bulletin boards or browse through “groups” on social media 

  • Check Meetup, Goodreads, and Reddit, especially for virtual options

If you want to keep your book club in-house, consider signing up for a house book subscription box, like The Book Hookup or Book of the Month. You can swap books with your roommates and meet monthly to discuss (with snacks).

4. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is a great way to meet new people and expand your skillset. There are numerous online platforms that offer language programs for free, like Babbel and Duolingo if you want to take a peek before you commit to a full program. If your roommates are interested in growing linguistically as well, choose one language to work on together. And if you’re feeling brave, host game night with another rule—French-only.

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5. Deep clean

Although it may not be the most glamorous of activities, deep cleaning your home is pretty satisfying once the process is complete. Plus, if the weather is so-so, it’s the perfect time to stay home but make it productive. Check out our guide to deep cleaning and essential cleaning tools to get started.

6. DIY spa session

A DIY spa session is one budget-friendly way to practice a little self-care. To set the vibe, put on your favorite playlist, grab a hot tea, and light a few candles. Then pick your treatments from your DIY spa menu based on what supplies you already have on hand. Here are a few ideas:

  • Soak in the tub

  • Manicure and pedicure

  • Hair mask or deep conditioning treatment

  • Facial or face mask

  • Exfoliate with a body brush or scrub

  • Aromatherapy with essential oils

Tip: While you’re getting things set up, toss a few towels into the dryer. Warm hand towels are perfect for steaming your pores before a facial or softening your cuticles before a manicure. 

7. Movie night

Movie night is perfect for a household of movie lovers who can never agree on a film and best when scheduled as an event to look forward to. Make a rotating schedule (like a book club) so that everyone gets a chance to share their favorites. Let the person who chose the movie do a short intro for the group before you push play. 

Some fun movie night pairings include:

  • Popcorn with a seasonings bar

  • Ice cream sundaes

  • Cozy blankets

8. Wild card

None of the above quite right? Here are a few more things to do when stuck at home, including some feel-good classics:

  • Improve an outdoor space like a patio

  • Start a succulent garden

  • Do your weekly meal prep (or try it if you never have)

  • Clean out your junk drawer

  • Living room dance party

  • Make a bucket list for things you want to do or see in your city

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