Small bedroom ideas to get the most out of your space

A small bedroom isn’t a bad thing—it just requires a little creativity to make the most of it. Read on for six tips on how to be your own interior decorator and make your bedroom feel more spacious, organized, and functional.

A small bedroom with pendant lights and a side table.

Table of contents

1. Get creative with wallpaper2. Opt for a bed with built-in storage 3. Update your bedding4. Bring the outdoors in with houseplants 5. Transform your bookcase into a headboard 6. Build storage around your bed 7. Consider a Murphy bed

1. Get creative with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a quick, easy, and affordable way to make a bold statement while creating the illusion of a larger space. Before you begin browsing, consider the color, pattern, and finish (matte, gloss, or metallic) that complements your personal style and look for rental-friendly application techniques (think: temporary). 

  • Add an accent wall: Wallpaper may sound a bit grand—especially if you have an extraordinarily tiny bedroom. But even papering a single accent wall can transform drab spaces into a personal sanctuary. 

  • Elongate a room: If you’re trying to elongate your room, opt for vertical stripes to make the room feel and appear taller. 

  • Stretch a room: You can also use horizontal stripes to “stretch” the room and make it appear wider. 

  • Stick to large patterns: If you gravitate toward patterned wallpaper, choose a large-scale pattern with bright or light colors to make the room feel bigger. Darker colors and smaller patterns tend to draw the eyes in and make a room feel smaller. 

Traditional wallpaper is fairly permanent—which could impact your security deposit refund, especially if you and your landlord don’t share similar design sensibilities. If you’re renting, consider using peel-and-stick wallpaper (also known as removable wallpaper), which is easy to install and remove.

Bed with a large wallpaper accent wall behind it.

2. Opt for a bed with built-in storage

The best kind of storage is hidden storage. Space-saving beds with built-in storage are the perfect way to extend your closet space and come in a variety of styles from open shelving to roomy drawers. 

If you’re worried about the room feeling cluttered or cramped, opt for a lift storage bed or a bed frame with closed drawers. This way, your bulky blankets, seasonal clothing, linens, etc.) are neatly hidden away.

Modern bedroom with storage under the bed.

3. Update your bedding

Bedding is a great way to bring in more color without painting the walls or making other major changes to your bedroom. Cool colors, like green, blue, and purple will help to enlarge the space, whereas warmer hues, such as pink, orange, and red, will have the opposite effect (aka comfy and snugly). 

  • Add color: If you have white bedding, try adding one or two bright or mid-tone pillows or adding a new set of sheets to your rotation. 

  • Bring in a pattern: If you like the idea of patterned wallpaper, but aren’t ready to see it on your walls, a new duvet or bedspread is a great way to try out a bold pattern and add color and interest to your bedroom.

A modern bedroom with cozy bedding and plants.

4. Bring the outdoors in with houseplants

If you’re on a tight budget, adding a bit of greenery is an affordable way to give your space some style and a sense of serenity. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, indoor plants (from succulents to herbs to a full-on indoor garden) can make you feel at ease, comforted, and soothed. And—when placed just right—plants can add depth, height, and airiness to any bedroom.

  • Add a pop of color: Greenery is a great way to give your room a nice pop of color—especially if you have white walls. Pots and plant hangers are another easy way to add color without painting the walls.

  • Shop for indoor plants: If you lack a green thumb, consider buying a low-maintenance plant, like a Spider Plant, Peace Lily, or a Snake Plant. 

  • Hang your plants: If you’re short on window or floor space, consider hoisting a few houseplants in the air via a hanging pot or opt for a wall-mounted hanger. 

Note: Be sure to double-check with the ASPCA and the National Poison Control center to ensure that your new plant baby isn’t going to pose a danger to any pets or young visitors.

5. Transform your bookcase into a headboard

If you’re an avid reader, consider having your bookcase play double duty: housing your favorite reads and functioning as a headboard. Freestanding bookshelves (or shelving units with cubbies) also make for the perfect room divider. So, if your “bedroom” isn’t technically a bedroom, you may be able to create one using a bookcase. 

A bed with a bookshelf filled with books as a headboard.

6. Build storage around your bed

If your room lacks closet space, make your own by building storage space around your bed. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, some patience, and a few matching pieces from IKEA. Need inspiration? Here are a few simple-yet-clever storage solutions: 

  • Utilize wall space by installing a row of wall-mounted cabinets to create a makeshift home office

  • Add a longline shelf to display artwork or photographs. 

  • Opt for a wall-hung nightstand to save on floor space. 

  • Put alcove cupboards on either side of your bed for floor-to-ceiling storage. 

  • Swap out your table lamps for hanging light fixtures. 

  • Use an end-of-the-bed trunk or bench to hold sheets and blankets. 

Murphy bed in a white living space.

7. Consider a Murphy bed

If all else fails, consider springing for a Murphy bed (also called a pull-down bed, fold-down bed, or wall bed). Murphy beds can be folded into a closet or cabinet or stored vertically against a wall when not in use. The ultimate Murphy bed even converts into a sofa or desk when folded up. 

Note: Murphy beds can be difficult to fold and unfold and potentially dangerous if used improperly. To avoid an accident or potential injury, carefully read the instructions before attempting to install the bed on your own. 

Decorating a small bedroom may seem like an impossible feat, but you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort in a small space. Sometimes, all it takes is a few throw pillows and some out-of-the-box thinking to turn a cramped room into your personal oasis. 

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