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"Bungalow is a great concept and makes my life much easier. They filled my property with long-term renters. My home is always clean and they deposit rent in advance of every due date."

Valued San Diego Homeowner

A partner you can trust to protect your investment

Your home is one of your most important investments. It’s our priority to keep it safe, clean, and respected by our residents.

$2 million coverage
Your property is covered by our $2M comprehensive policy.
In-house maintenance team
A full-time and vetted maintenance team that takes care of preventative and ongoing home maintenance.
Dedicated account manager
A single point of contact available to you from 7am-7pm daily to answer any questions.
Professional cleanings
Scheduled monthly professionally cleanings to ensure your home is well cared for.
Lease management
Our team guides residents through execution of new leases and lease renewals.
Rent collection
We collect rent and automatically deposit it into your bank account —hassle-free.
$2 million coverage

Your property is covered by our $2M comprehensive policy

In-house maintenance team

Ad hoc and preventative to protect from wear and tear

Dedicated account manager

A single point of contact available  to you daily from 7am-7pm

Professional cleanings

Monthly cleanings to ensure your home is well cared for

Vetted tenant network

Background and credit checks on every applicant

Community standards

Conduct policy that all residents must agree to and abide by

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Where does Bungalow operate?

Bungalow currently operates in the following markets: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver,  Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, Seattle and Washington DC.

If you're interested in working with Bungalow in a city not on this list yet,  don't hesitate to reach out and let us know.

What type of properties does Bungalow work with?

Bungalow works with owners and managers of Single Family Homes, Duplex homes, Triplex homes, and Multi-Family buildings that are three or more bedrooms in size.

How does Bungalow select residents?

In order to build safe and comfortable communities, all Bungalow residents are vetted through an application process and background check (as permitted by law). Once they find a home they like, Bungalow helps them set up a meet and greet so the home’s current residents can find the best fit.

How frequently do Bungalow residents turnover?

Bungalow is focused on building a community as part of the value we’re offering for our residents. Because of that, retention and consistency is important. We’re prioritizing long term residents because that’s what ultimately adds value to our community. On average, our residents stay for at least 12 months.

Do I work exclusively with Bungalow or can I list on multiple sites?

Bungalow offers you a full-suite of marketing services that includes listing your home across 50+ listing sites, creating targeted social media paid ads, and crafting email marketing campaigns. You’ll work exclusively with us, and we’ll ensure we find you great tenants for your home. All included in our placement fee.

Does Bungalow help me price my home?

Absolutely! Our smart pricing engine uses 1,000+ data points to arrive at and continually update your home’s optimal price. By assessing the local market dynamics, seasonality and combining that with our local market expertise, we set the optimal price in order to minimize your vacancy and continuously adapt as market dynamics change.

Referral Program Terms & Conditions
Last updated: January 12, 2021

These Referral Program Terms & Conditions (“Referral T&Cs”) represent a binding contract between you and Bungalow Living, Inc. (“Bungalow,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). By participating in the referral program (“Referral Program”) either as a referrer or as an individual referred to Bungalow’s services (“Services”), you expressly agree to be bound by these terms, which are incorporated in the Bungalow Terms of Service. Unless later extended, the Referral Program only applies to referrals in which Redeemers (as defined below) sign a qualifying lease before January 1, 2022.

1. Program Details & Eligibility
The Referral Program offers to individuals who are current Bungalow Homeowners (“Referrers”) the opportunity to receive a Reward (as defined below) when they refer others (“Redeemers”) to the Services. To refer an individual to the Services, a Referrer must fill out the web form available at https://bungalow.com/homeowners/refer.Subject to the limitations below, and as set forth otherwise in the Referral Program, Referrers and Redeemers are each eligible to receive a credit of $1,000 (the “Reward”). A check for the total referral amount will be sent to the referee's specified address. Rewards are only available for Qualified Referrals, which are referrals in which a Redeemer (a) who has not previously registered for Bungalow or otherwise provided their contact information (including email address) to Bungalow before the Referrer filled out the web form; (b) signs a Lease Agreement with Bungalow. Without limiting the foregoing, self-referrals are strictly prohibited. As used in these Referral T&Cs, “Qualifying Lease” means a lease (1) executed by the Redeemer through Bungalow for a minimum term of six months and (2) under which the Redeemer does not elect any right to exit Redeemer’s obligation to the full term of the lease without penalty.Referrers are solely responsible for ensuring that their account and contact details are accurate, and Bungalow shall not be liable for lost, misdirected, or misused Rewards.Referrers may receive up to ten Rewards through the Referral Program duration, regardless of the number of referrals made or redeemed. Referrer agrees to comply with any applicable limits on the number and/or frequency with which Referrers submit referrals. Failure to comply with such limits may disqualify Referrers from receiving or redeeming Rewards.

2. Additional Rules
Referrers may not send, publish, or share any false, misleading, or deceptive communications in connection with participation in the Referral Program. Such actions may violate various federal, state, and/or international laws, including, but not limited to, the regulations and policies promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission.Referrers may not refer children under the age of 18.

3. Termination and Changes
Bungalow may modify, suspend, or terminate the Referral Program or a Referrer’s or Redeemer’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason in its sole discretion.Bungalow reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts or remove Rewards obtained through the Referral Program if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

4. Updates to the Referral T&Cs
Bungalow can update these Referral T&Cs at any time without prior notice. If we modify these Referral T&Cs, we will post the modification on this website, and the new Referral T&Cs will be effective upon posting. Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification of these Referral T&Cs shall constitute consent to such modification.