FAQs for renting a room in a Shared Home in Los Angeles, California

Why rent with Bungalow?

Bungalow doesn’t just list rooms for rent in shared homes - we work with our homeowners to hand select each property to make sure it is up to our standard. We then help our residents find their roommates and build a unique community in their home. Finally, we have an incredible team behind the scenes that are always a message away through our app if and when you need us. Beautiful homes. Incredible locations. Pricing that makes sense. Find a room in a shared home that hits the sweet spot between great quality and sensible pricing. Bungalow homes are hand-selected across major markets to match your lifestyle. Find it. Try it. Feel 100% before you rent. Love where you live or you're free to go. Our 30-day trial, option to transfer to other in-network Bungalow homes, and flexible lease terms are all designed to help you rent with confidence. Live in good company. Our Meet & Greet Chat takes the stress out of finding a roommate by making sure everyone in the household is a match from day one. We pre-screen all residents because your safety is our top priority. Enjoy the benefits of living together with the freedom of operating solo. Use our Meet & Greet chat to select roommates with similar lifestyles. Then, sign and pay separately within our app.

Are utilities included in Bungalow Home Rentals?

For the vast majority of our properties, Bungalow partners with Conservice, to manage, separate, and bill utilities removing the need for arguing over venmo each month. You will only pay for the exact amount your home uses and Bungalow takes care of splitting these costs evenly between you and your roommates.

Are Bungalow Home Rentals furnished?

Bungalow’s Shared Homes include furnished common areas (living, dining, and kitchens), along with a Smart TV, and kitchen essentials! The only furniture you'll need to move in is whatever you'd like to put in your bedroom.

Are Bungalow Home Rentals pet friendly?

Some Bungalow Shared Homes are pet friendly, while others are not. You can find pet information by clicking on a particular home. That said, service and emotional support animals (ESAs) are accepted in every Bungalow home with proper supporting documentation.

About us

Bungalow takes the hassle out of your housing search. We offer beautiful homes (entire and shared) in the country’s most vibrant neighborhoods, and can help connect you with roommates you’ll love coming home to. And finally, we believe you should be able to still afford to explore your new city as well. We pride ourselves on the fact that Bungalow residents save an average of 30% on rent compared to studio apartments in the same neighborhood.

Things to know before moving to Los Angeles:

How to find a roommate in Los Angeles

Moving into a Bungalow shared home is the easiest way to find great roommates. Our Meet & Greet Chat helps you connect with roommates you look forward to living with to form a one-of-a-kind household together.

What is the average rent in Los Angeles?

According to Zumper, the average 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2,200. Nationwide, Bungalow residents save an average of 30% on rent compared to studio apartments in the same neighborhood.

Is there good public transportation in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, there is a wide range of public transit options. One popular option is the metro train that can take you through areas of LA and into surrounding communities. There are also buses that will take riders to various destinations within LA. As one of the most spread out cities in America, it can be difficult to decide what mode of transportation makes sense for a particular task. Public transit in Los Angeles offers a variety of options so no matter where you need to go or when you want to leave, there is always suitable form or transport nearby.

What to do in Los Angeles

There are a number of exciting things to do in L.A. for people of all ages. From world-class malls to Disneyland, almost everyone will enjoy their time in Los Angeles. There are also many attractions that have Hollywood ties, so if sightseeing isn't your idea of a good time - no worries! The Hollywood sign is just one example of what you can find here that's more than just surface level pretty picturesque scenery, there's some history too! And while you're visiting L.A., be sure not miss out on any tasty cuisine from high class restaurants to the more traditional "street" tacos available on every corner...you'll never run out of new tastes and flavors here!

Schools and universities in Los Angeles

The University of California system has eight campuses in the Los Angeles area. These are UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley and UCSD. There is also Occidental College which offers degrees at all levels for 33 years or more. The other colleges near Los Angeles are Chapman University in Orange County and Pepperdine University in Malibu.

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